Modern multi-space concept

The office is a place where you get together for the exchange of your knowledge and experience, where you can jointly solve tasks and develop solutions. In line with this thinking, the basis of the interior design on the first and second floors of Helvetia Tower is a multi-space concept – a combination of working zones as well as a diverse range of retreat areas and conference facilities.

Nature indoors

People feel most comfortable in nature. However, we spend most of the day in closed rooms rather than outside. This is where biophilic design comes in: we use plants and green shades to bring nature directly into the office.

Various possibilities

Office premises are not the only facilities that can be arranged according to the concept of biophilic design. The rental areas on the first and second floors also provide premises for your medical or therapy practice, or even for a fitness centre. Tell us about your business concept. We are excited about your projects.